Web Conferencing Services

The benefits of Web conferencing

Web Conferencing Services

Until very recently, all face-to-face business meetings occurred with all participants in the same room. This often required travel over great distances, but the cost of travel was a necessary expense because many businesspeople insist on looking their contemporaries in the eyes when making business deals. Today, face-to-face business meetings are possible even when the participants are on different continents, thanks to the Internet and the development of Web-based conferencing software.

Web video-conferencing works by securely transmitting audio and video (captured by webcams) over the Internet. Participants on each side of the transfer are able to hear and see the other side in real time, and they can hold a business meeting or other business-related discussion as though everyone were actually in the same room. All that's required are two computers that have Web conferencing software installed on them (and an Internet connection, of course). For larger meetings, it's a good idea to use a video projector to get the video signal you're receiving onto a projector screen (since it's difficult for a boardroom full of people to look at a single computer monitor).

More than Meetings

Web video-conferencing can be used for more than just business meetings. It can also be used to give sales presentations and train employees. Technologically savvy companies can even set up interactive Web conferencing, featuring files that can be manipulated and edited by individuals on both sides of the conference.

Not all Web conferencing services require video. Conference-call Web conferencing is an affordable option for businesses wishing to conduct audio-only meetings between two or more parties.

How to Find a Web Conferencing Solution

If Web conferencing is something that your company is interested in, you'll find several excellent service providers online. Be sure to have a good idea how many Web conferences you'll hold each month and whether you want to have video capability. You'll also need to know what you plan to use Web conferencing for – business meetings with clients, employee training, etc. – and how many participants will be taking part in each video conference.

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