Warehouse Services

The benefits of using a warehouse service

Warehouse Services

Warehousing is an issue for many small-to-medium sized businesses, who simply don't have the extra space for large-scale storage. The capital expenditure involved in building your own warehouse is prohibitive, let alone the operational costs of staffing, utilities and maintenance.

The lack of adequate storage space can actually inhibit business and revenue growth. The market may be there for your product, but you are unable to increase production without a place to store larger quantities of stock. Whether you are looking to expand or simply streamline your warehousing and distribution, warehouse services can help.

Save Money and Human Resources

Outsourcing your storage lets professional warehouse management services take care of running the warehouse, saving you money and human resources, and letting you focus on your core business. Combined warehouse fulfillment services simplify things even more. Trained and experienced warehouse staff can take care of services like picking, packing and shipping.

Outsourcing also lets you choose a strategic location for your warehouse distribution services. For example, a warehouse located outside of major urban areas where space is cheaper will pass those savings on to you. You can save money on shipping, as well, by renting warehouse space near your largest markets, or in the middle of the country, centralized to all shipping destinations.

How to Choose a Warehouse Service

First you need to consider what type of storage you need, and for what duration. Will stock be stored long-term, or will there be rotating shipments in and out of storage? How often and when will you need to access the storage space? These factors will influence what type of warehouse service will best suit your needs.

Warehouse rentals come in two forms: public and contract. Public warehousing is more expensive per square foot, but there is no commitment involved; usually space is leased month-to-month. Contract warehousing has a lower cost per square foot, and contracts range from six months to several years in length.

Finally, your choice of warehouse will depend on any additional services or features you may need. Ask about services such as fulfillment, shipping and logistics; features such as racking, forklifts, dedicated docks and security; and any specialized needs you may have, such as cold storage or ultraclean storage.

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