Document Imaging Services

The benefits of using a document imaging service

Document Imaging Services

Converting paper records to digital form saves your company space, time and therefore money. Did you know that support personnel spend up to 60 percent of their time searching for paper documentation? Organizing your records electronically reduces clutter and improves efficiency. These may be obvious benefits, but why not just have your own employees do your electronic document imaging?

Save Money on Equipment and Personnel

A document imaging company has a highly trained staff that understands the latest technologies, such as zonal scanning and optical character recognition (OCR). These sophisticated tools streamline your business processes, electronically entering data from standardized forms directly into CRM software or other databases. Hiring a dedicated document imaging company allows your business to take advantage of these technologies without having to recruit or train a specialist. Even if you only need basic scanning done, outsourcing this job frees up your employees to be more productive at their regular duties.

Furthermore, document imaging outsourcing saves you from purchasing and maintaining high-performance scanning equipment and also saves the time and expense of continually upgrading software for this equipment. Document imaging companies have the tools to scan even odd or oversized documents, saving you from buying equipment that may not be used often enough to justify the expense.

How to Choose a Document Imaging Service

Do you want onsite or offsite document imaging? Many document imaging services will deploy personnel and equipment to your location for the duration of the job. This may be your preference if the documents in question are of a sensitive nature, as it ensures that they never leave your property. If you prefer off-site scanning, keep in mind the location of their facility and choose a company with offices near yours.

Also consider your security needs in general, and whether the company you're negotiating with can guarantee that security. Medical document imaging presents unique challenges, for example. Ensure that the company's personnel are well-versed in the regulations governing health care information, and are insured and bonded to guarantee compliance.

Talk with the company about their hardware and software, and their areas of expertise, to ensure that they will be able to meet your needs. Do you need OCR data management? Document hosting? Document shredding? Most companies offer a range of services to complement your document imaging solution.

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