Business VoIP Systems

The benefits of VoIP business systems

Business VoIP Systems

Voice over IP (Internet protocol), also known as VoIP, phone systems have a number of advantages over traditional phone systems. These advantages have led countless companies to make the switch to business VoIP systems.

Most importantly, VoIP allows your phone calls to travel over the Internet as data packets (much the same way e-mail does), rather than over phone lines. This has numerous benefits. First and foremost, your long-distance bill will dramatically shrink once you start using VoIP. The cost of transferring data online is very small compared to the cost of conventional phone calls, particularly long-distance calls.

The fact that VoIP phone systems use data-transfer technology also allows for unique features, such as the ability to receive calls on computers. This feature can be very advantageous for businesspeople who travel regularly. Wouldn't it be nice to receive important voice-mail messages in your e-mail inbox? VoIP makes this possible.

If you subscribe to a VoIP phone service, you may also gain access to features like the ability to choose your phone number – including the area code. For example, your business could have a phone number with a Texas area code, even if your office is in Minnesota. While not all businesses will benefit from this feature, some have found it to be very useful.

Dispelling VoIP Myths

Although many companies are making the switch from conventional phone systems to VoIP phone systems, far too many companies are being left behind. The most common reason for this is that many people believe VoIP to have inferior audio quality. While this may have been true at one point in the past, VoIP hardware technology has improved to the point where it's no longer a serious concern.

How to Choose a VoIP Provider

When comparing VoIP service providers, be sure to have a good idea of exactly what VoIP features you plan to use. Not all features made possible by VoIP are offered by all VoIP providers. That said, the primary attraction of VoIP business systems – significantly decreased telecommunication costs for your business – will be available across the board.

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